December 21, 2009

Very successful day indeed.

 Well, I can only think in British accents today. I'm not crazy (sort of..) but I do have a good excuse!

It's winter break here in my college town, thus I am all alone in town working while all my friends are home, just like every year.
So one Blockbuster membership and 2 Publix eclairs later, I have successfully watched A Room with a View (new favorite!), Pride and Prejudice (Director commentary on), BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (All 4.5 hours), and now I'm on to Bridget Jones (1 & 2).
So please understand how roughly 13 hours of British talking over the past two days has messed with my head.
I should do this marathon again when I leave for study abroad in England on May 6th!
Imagine this.. My 21st birthday will be in the UK. Where I will have been able to drink for 3 years. Ridiculous irony.

I should update my recent eBay ventures, as it is probably the largest rampage I've gone on in 2009. At least 3 of them are Christmas presents though so I don't feel that bad. Maybe I will do that tomorrow since I am in British mode now and need to get back to my movies that have mostly involved Mr. Darcy!

Which begs the question...


I might have to go with Colin Firth! Which one is more Darcyish?



  1. So jealous you are studying abroad in England! I studied abroad in Rome this past summer and it was the most amazing experience of my life.

  2. Since I don't have your email my new address is

  3. I love your blog! So cute and funny, I'm another Lilly girl so I can totally relate! Check mine out and sign up to follow, I have a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer giveaway coming on Monday! :-)