December 5, 2009

eBay Steals 11/30/09-12/05/09

Here are some steals & deals I got this week!

Theory Criss-Cross Baby Doll Dress
MSRP Not listed (but it's Theory, so I'm guessing +/- $200)
Won for: $39.99
I adore this dress! Perfect for fall/winter. I put it over my Ralph Lauren turtlenecks (one navy, one garnet) and it was pure magic!

Michael Kors Sandals/Heels
MSRP $115
Won for: $8.50
One of my best deals yet! These were kind of out of my comfort zone as they are a little trendy and funky, but once they arrived I knew they were so me. They're pretty high but so comfortable! I paired it with my navy wool J Crew dress and my dark brown Banana Republic high waist belt. Turned out way sexier than my norm!

Ralph Lauren Amaya Heels
MSRP $100
Won for: $28.99
I thought these were going to be more of a nude color when I ordered them (I am DYING for nude heels!) but I actually love the light mustardish color! Ralph Lauren heels are so comfortable, these are great for a night out to visit my favorite frat castles! The first outfit I wore it with was with my Gianni Bini two tone champagne and white dress and my Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman jacket. They didn't match perfectly, but they were cute enough to make it work!

Tune in for next week's purchases!


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