December 5, 2009

Stories From This Week

Hello there!
So, this week had some pretty embarrassing moments.
At my college, it's very common for people to have scooters since the campus is pretty spread out. Lucky me, I have one this semester. I've actually been very proud of my scooter skills.. until now.
So about Thursday or so, I scooted on to campus for class and I only saw one spot in the scooter parking. But when I pulled into it, I quickly realized that it was not big enough. Not having time to drive over to another parking area, I decided to try hoisting my scooter up on its brake. Due to the spacial issue, the scooter fell. Taking down the three others next to it.
After yelling a curse word (shit), I try to pull my scooter up by the handle bar. Lucky me, the squishy part of the handle bar came off in my hand and I fell backwards. Knocking over two scooters. So that's six scooters down in all, including mine. Luckily these two guys ran over to help me off of the scooters and to quickly get the others up. I wish I could say nobody saw, but A LOT of people saw.
A few days later, I got out of class early and decided that since I'd been studying so much for finals (HA!) I would reward myself and get a massage. I've also been down lately about being single, it's almost been a year! I hate to say it, but I miss my ex terribly.
Anyways, I arrive at the spa, change into my robe, and sip on some chai tea. When the lady greeted me and brought me back to the room, she said "I hope you don't mind, but we'll be in the couples massage suite! Don't worry, it'll just be you." A couples massage room, alone. Great. That was just what I needed.
Today, I received my much anticipated pageant dress in the mail(an eBay purchase, of course!) However, it didn't look like the picture at all! The fabric was strange, and the top area looked like one of those cheap bra top shirts. I was revolted! So I quickly wrote an email demanding a full refund and suggesting that in the future they show accurate pictures and that I would get eBay involved if they didn't refund me for their cheap dress.
And then, I looked at the dress again and realized they had packed it inside out. It was gorgeous, just like the picture. I wrote an apology letter, but still.. quite embarrassing. They wrote me back, but I have yet to read it because of how embarrassed I am!
Seriously, I am the one woman awkward circus.
Here's a photo of the dress:

Then today, the Gators lost and Tim Tebow cried like a baby. Seriously, could he have waited?
Quite the week!


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  1. OMG - the scooter story is so funny! That really sounds like something that would happen to me...