December 15, 2009

Question for the Universe

So, I have been unlucky enough to have met multiple guys that I could see having a wonderful relationship with through work, student organizations, etc.
The same problem arises: they ALWAYS have a girlfriend. Now, I am not the type to mess with that, so it never ever has gone beyond friends.
The strange thing is, they always fit this same criteria:
1. They are at least 3 years older than I am
2. They dress very very well, khakis and button downs almost constantly
3. They have had their girlfriends for years
4. The girlfriends always have gigantic breasts.

And by gigantic, I don't mean like "oh they're just big next to my 32A." NO, I mean they are massive by any standards! DD for sure.

Luckily, I did find a boyfriend for the holidays and he should be here in 6-8 days.

Can't wait to cuddle! Get him on the Brooks Brothers website, a portion of the sales goes to St. Jude!



  1. oh man, don't even get me started. i agree with you 100%!

  2. So what did the universe say??? My guess is your cutie will be here soon. xoxo


  3. I felt the saaaaaame way in undergrad! I met my husband my Junior year and was totally caught off gaurd. I was seeing someone else at the time that I thought was perfect for me. Man was I wrong.

    The right one will come out of no where and suprise you! Hang in there girlie! You are too cute :)

    That Brooks Brother Bear is adorable!